100 Women Who Care is based on a simple principle that together we can do more. We want to gather with other women who want to help charities in our community. 




Our members meet for a maximum of one hour, four times a year. Members can nominate a charity of their choice. Once the charity has been qualified it will be added to the "Charity Basket". At the beginning of every meeting, three charities will be chosen. The member who nominated the charity will then give a five-minute presentation on why she thinks this charity should receive the funds from the group.  At the end of the three presentations, our members will cast a secret ballot for their choice of charity. The charity who receives the most votes will be awarded the members' funds. Each member writes a cheque to the charity for $100, which translate into $10,000 or more. The selected charity will then send out individual tax receipts to each member. It's that simple and that powerful!  BECOME A MEMBER 



Inspired by the work the 100+ Women Who Care Mid Island chapter in Nanaimo and Ladysmith, five Oceanside women saw a need in our own community and founded Oceanside's local chapter on January 4th, 2017.


100 Women Who Care was started in 2006 and now approximately 600 Chapters are giving back to their communities across North America. For more information on the origins please visit the  100 Who Care Alliance 



The organizing committee facilitates the following: 

  • Recruit new members

  • Qualify nominated charities 

  • Find venues

  • Organize & facilitate events

  • Promote events, through local media, website, and social media

  • Gather cheques and present to charity 

  • Find sponsors to help with incidentals 



  • Judy Miller - Membership 

  • Debbe Patterson - Sponsorship & Media

  • Joan Ethier - Charities 

  • Patricia Manuel CPA., CA. - Finance

  • Melissa Tracey - Communications




100% of our members' donations go directly to the awarded local charity. We do incur expenses for marketing, event preparation, and printing which we rely on individual and corporate sponsors. A sincere thank you to: